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Current projects

  • Climate and ENSO variability effect on tourism in Aruba – together with Marck Oduber and others.
  • Globalisation, complexity and sustainability – together with Lukas Figge and others.
  • Biodiversity loss, ecosystem services and human health – together with Bram Oosterbroek and others.
  • A sustainable university – together with Alex Baker-Shelley and others.
  • Health research capacity and water-related diseases: Improving Risk Assessment Strategies for Public Health Care in Uzbekistan (HEALTHCAP) – together with Maud Huynen, Saravanan Subramanian and others.
  • A Teaching and Learning Resource for Sustainability in Nursing (NurSus) – together with Maud Huynen, Thomas Kraft, Janet Richardson and others.
  • The role of animals and nature in learning for sustainable development–a Chinese perspective – together with Bingtao Su and others.
  • Learning for sustainability: the learning process – together with Anneloes Smitsman and others.
  • Sustainable human-animal relationships – together with Marie-José Enders and others.

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