| 2011 Belgian Biodiversity & Public Health Conference

2011 Belgian Biodiversity & Public Health Conference

Plenary speech on ‘Biodiversity and health: friends or foes?’

“Human population health should be the central criterion, and is the best long-term indicator, of how we are managing the natural environment.”

The 2001 – 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA) had the ambition to enhance the protection of ecosystems by linking ecosystem well being to human well being. The MEA, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, dedicated a full report to the relation between ecosystems/biodiversity and human health.

Public health can be considered an important issue not only from the perspective of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services but also often triggers quite some policy and public attention: public health is often high on the political agenda. In this context, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform is organising its annual conference on Biodiversity – Public Health on Wednesday the 30th of November 2011 in Brussels.

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